We provide Bulgarian legal advice of the highest quality.

NBLO was set up in 2005 at a time when the Bulgarian legal market was really starting to open up to smaller, more specialised firms.

The founding NBLO partners wanted to create a law firm whose clear primary focus was on Bulgaria but which would also operate to some extent as a dual jurisdiction legal consultancy providing both Bulgarian law and UK law advice; this was succeeded by the opening of both offices in Bulgaria and London.

Following Bulgaria’s accession to the EU, the firm has gone from strength to strength, periodically expanding its staff numbers as well as diversifying its portfolio of practice areas.

NBLO is typically called upon by its clients to either be: sole advisers in transactions with a Bulgarian law basis; or the counterpart to international lawyers in transactions involving Bulgarian elements; or a part of a network of advisers in a multi-jurisdictional deal. In each of these types of work, NBLO is able to match the legal, technological, time-management, document production, commercial and communication expectations of clients and law firm partners alike.

Our Capabilities

Diversity & Inclusion

At NBLO diversity and inclusion are key characteristics of our strategies and practices. We wholeheartedly believe that the diversity of our team gives us a considerable business advantage.

This perspective is reflected internally: in our recruitment, promotion, job definition and all other aspects of our team’s work. It is also something that we reflect in the way we relate to our clients and prospective clients whom we treat with the greatest respect regardless of their beliefs, nationalities or other apparent or non-apparent potential differences.

Our staff have highly diverse educational, professional and personal backgrounds and we value that difference such that current staff have attainments from across the globe including Bulgaria, the UK, Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Argentina, China and Japan.

We are mindful to create a working environment of inclusivity, supporting all employees irrespective of backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, sexualties and abilities.

We support especially clients who may be at a disadvantage and direct our pro bono efforts to assist those who may otherwise experience an inequality of treatment, opportunity or resource, including LGBTQ+, religious minorities or atheists, the disabled and the socio-economically challenged. Wherever relevant to our work (and thus not only with private clients but in all situations), we are sensitive to safeguarding issues and vulnerabilities and take appropriate actions.

This approach goes hand-in-hand with our emphasis on a pleasant, respectful and collaborative working environment, which we find improves our productivity for clients. We avoid unnecessary hierarchies and prefer instead teamwork and performance-orientated reporting.

Pro Bono

NBLO undertakes pro bono work whenever suitable opportunities arise. We are both flexible and deliberate in how we organise our pro bono work.

As to deliberate, we aim to actively look for opportunities and identify these both amongst prospective clients’ matters and by offering our time and expertise in situations where we think we can add value in an appropriate way pro bono. We are flexible in that we are always open to being approached about acting pro bono and where we think there is an opportunity to offer our service on this basis. We aim not to be dogmatic but to abide by ethical precepts in the process.

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The Bulgarian and dual-qualified lawyers of New Balkans Law Office are regulated by the respective Bar of their registration. New Balkans Law Office is a brand name of Legal Services EOOD, a company registered under Bulgarian law. Reg’d No. 202331677. Further details are available here.

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