Medtech, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Bulgarian strength – in biology-based businesses – has recently started to re-emerge on the global market.

There are leading businesses such as Huvepharma in veterinary pharmaceuticals and interesting agri-/biotechs such as Nasekomo with its insect-based-protein technology.

Our interest is distinctly on the innovative side of the sector, but we are also deeply interested in policy and regulation.

While MedTech is a sector of extreme innovative potential, it can also be slow-moving due to high regulatory standards.

You can rely on our lawyers’ expert knowledge of the industry to help you safely and efficiently deliver products to your consumers while upholding the integrity of regulatory standards.

We have advised stem cell and gamete banks, CROs, digital health  and biotech startups on a variety of issues.

Some of our lawyers have a biomedical scientific background in addition to law, and the firm’s Managing Partner has mentored socially impactful healthcare startups working on dementia tech, mental health, and the application of blockchain to imaging; advised the participants in a personalised medicine hackathon at the Sanger Institute and is also an active member of a London research ethics Committee (IRB).

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