Ivan Petrov

China Regional Specialist

Ivan is a young professional who joined NBLO’s team in 2016 to help us develop our work with our private clients.

Having studied, lived, and worked in China for almost 8 years, Ivan has strong intercultural skills and extensive knowledge of China and East Asia. He is responsible for the business development of NBLO’s immigration practice in the region and has participated in a number of events and seminars accross Southeast Asia.

Ivan has extensive knowledge of the immigration law processes in Bulgaria and is an integral part of the technical day-to-day operations for NBLO’s private clients interested in the Bulgarian citizenship-by-investment route.

Prior to joining our team, Ivan was a lecturer in the Chinese department at the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. His personal interests include current affairs and social media. He is fluent in English and has professional knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.

Qualifications: Sofia University, Tongji University

Languages Spoken: Bulgarian, English and Mandarin Chinese

Office Location: London

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