Ivan Petrov

China Regional Specialist

Ivan is a young professional who joined NBLO’s team in 2016 to help us develop our work with our private clients.

Having studied, lived, and worked in China for almost 8 years, Ivan has strong intercultural skills and extensive knowledge of China and East Asia. He is responsible for the business development of NBLO’s immigration practice in the region and has participated in a number of events and seminars across Southeast Asia.

Ivan has extensive knowledge of the immigration law processes in Bulgaria and is an integral part of the technical day-to-day operations for NBLO’s private clients interested in the Bulgarian citizenship-by-investment route.

Prior to joining our team, Ivan was a lecturer in the Chinese department at the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. His personal interests include current affairs and social media. He is fluent in English and has professional knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.

Qualifications: Sofia University, Tongji University

Languages Spoken: Bulgarian, English and Mandarin Chinese

Office Location: London

  • Citizenship and Immigration

    We advise individuals and families planning for their future and their legacy.  We understand that immigration can be complex, often stressful and traumatic. With our professional advice and sensitive approach we will guide you through all your options and will help you to achieve the best possible outcome. We aim to accomplish this in the […]

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  • Expat Assistance

    Advice prior to arrival Work permit requirements and immigration (for non-EEA, non-Swiss nationals); Arranging residence documents (for EEA and Swiss nationals); Setting up a Trade Representative Office; Planning for issues connected with healthcare, education, child care and buying, owning and renting property. After arrival Renting and owning property, establishing and terminating leases over office space […]

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  • Private Companies

    Private companies are the backbone of the economy with a variety of activities aimed at millions of clients. We have abundant experience with Bulgaria and foreign clients active across the world in areas as diverse as online services, gaming, cryptocurrencies, and real estate. We at NBLO regularly assist private company incorporation and provide an all-encompassing […]

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  • Business Immigration

    We are aware that nowadays doing business is a global adventure and challenge. Bulgaria is a small and open economy, and its labour market benefits from a steady flow of human capital in many directions.  Firms and organisations need integrated, prompt and carefully executed solutions to employment and immigration issues when working across borders. NBLO […]

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  • Citizenship by Investment

    Citizenship by Investment Bulgarian law provides a fast-track route to citizenship by investment. Bulgaria provides an accessible, transparent and respectable gateway into the European society, way of life, and economy through EU citizenship. The requirement is to invest, rather than donate to a government fund. Investor may in principle expect to keep the principal and […]

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  • How to Open a Bank Account in Bulgaria as a Foreign Business

    In this article, we provide an overview of the criterion that overseas incorporated businesses must generally fulfil in order to open a bank account in Bulgaria. We have restricted our analysis to organisations that are structured as companies or corporations in their home jurisdiction. Although Bulgarian law tends to recognise the legal forms of other […]

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  • The Trade Representative Route for Digital Nomads Seeking EU Residence via Bulgaria

    As digital nomads and young entrepreneurs continue to explore avenues for establishing residence within the European Union, Bulgaria emerges as an attractive option, particularly with its recent accession to the Schengen Area. The Trade Representative Route (TRO) stands out as a unique pathway, granting not only residence rights in Bulgaria but also access to the […]

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  • Investment in UCITS/Mutual Funds as route to Bulgarian Residence and Citizenship

    Bulgaria is back аnd at the forefront of Residence and Citizenship by Investment (R/CBI) programmes with a fast-track route to Schengen permanent residence (PR). Bulgaria, an EU member state since 2007, will join the Schengen Area on March, 31st 2024.  After that date, holders of Bulgarian PR permits will be eligible for visa-free travel to […]

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  • Bulgaria joins Schengen: Visa-free travel by air and sea routes for Bulgarian Residence Permit holders from 2024

    The EU and Bulgaria have agreed and the EU Council has adopted Council Decision dated 30.12.2023 (Council Decision), allowing Bulgaria to finalise the process of joining Schengen. From March 31, 2024, Bulgaria, Romania and the EU plus Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland will eliminate ID checks at each other’s internal air and sea borders. This […]

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  • The Bulgarian government adopts new Regulations for CBI pre-clearance process

    Following amendments to the Aliens in the Republic of Bulgaria Act (“Act”) in March 2021 which overhauled the CBI investment classes in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian government has now adopted new Regulations implementing the Act, which clarify the so-called pre-clearance administered by the Bulgarian Investment Agency.  These Regulations are a belated but necessary element to the […]

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  • UK E-Apostille will speed up the legalisation of documents

    The UK Legalisation Office has expanded its digital services and can now receive documents online. It will therefore be able to issue e-Apostille certificates quickly and efficiently. Previously, customers have had to send physical documents to the UK Legalisation Office by post or courier and won’t receive the documents back until several days later. On […]

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  • Pre-approval Process and Source of Funds for Citizenship by Investment

    The pre-approval or pre-clearance process carried out by the Bulgarian Investment Agency (“BIA”) was newly introduced by legislation in March 2021 and is currently subject to refinement by means of secondary legislation and internal rules by the BIA. Its purpose is to give assurance about the legitimacy of investors, including their compliance with anti money laundering (“AML”) law and […]

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  • Legalization of documents for use in Bulgaria

    In order for official documents issued abroad to be used in Bulgaria, they may need to go through a legalization process.  The type of legalization depends on whether: A bilateral Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement (“MLAA”) is in place between Bulgaria and the document issuing state; OR  the issuing state is a member of The Hague […]

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  • Bulgaria allows citizenship by origin up to 3rd generation

    Legal basis of Bulgarian citizenship by origin applications Bulgarian Citizenship by Origin is based on provisions in the Bulgarian Citizenship Act. In early 2021, the Bulgarian Parliament partially amended the legislation governing Bulgarian citizenship by origin. Pursuant to Article 15 of the Bulgarian Citizenship Act, a person who is not a Bulgarian citizen may acquire Bulgarian […]

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  • Bulgaria Revamps CBI Program: New Investment Options, Faster Processing

    On 26 February 2021, the Bulgarian Parliament approved а Bill amending the Bulgarian Citizenship Act and the country’s Citizenship by Investment Scheme thus introducing new investment options. The Government and legislators had mooted changes since January 2019. The changes are not in force yet (as of March 1) but are expected to be in the […]

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  • The Economist Radio – Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment

    NBLO has just released an ad on Economist Radio, in which we refer to the famous quip attributed to Boris Johnson – when it came to Brexit, the UK could both have its cake and eat it. Citizenship by Investment in Bulgaria is very much like that. Bulgaria, uniquely in the European Union, allows investors […]

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