Family and Children

We advise private individuals and families on various legal matters which arise from living or holding investments in Bulgaria.

Our particular strength is in understanding the interaction between multiple jurisdictions and their competing claims on individuals.

Our expertise in a broad spectrum of family law enables us to offer a wide range of skills – to meet your personal circumstances. At the same time, our diversity in practice allows us to also provide additional expertise from other legal disciplines, should the case require it.

We understand that family problems can be complex, often stressful and traumatic. With our professional advice and sensitive approach we will guide you through all your options and will help you to achieve the best possible outcome. We aim to accomplish this in the most practical, efficient and cost-effective way.

Family law

We have a considerable experience in dealing with the issues which families can confront in a way that makes sure a just result is achieved, that takes into concern the interests of all, and especially any children. We can assist with:

  • Division of assets during or following a divorce.
  • Reaching and giving effect to agreements on how to divide assets that have become mingled.
  • Advising on the position in Bulgarian law as to which assets belong to which spouse.
  • Identifying and proving to courts (in particular courts based overseas) the extent of assets held by a spouse in Bulgaria.
  • Advising on which jurisdiction is the best for commencing divorce proceedings.
  • Conducting divorce proceedings on behalf of a spouse.

Child Law

When it comes to children, we can assist with:

  • Advising on rights of contact and of custody over the children of mixed marriages between Bulgarian and foreign spouses.
  • Advising on the nationality rights of children of mixed marriages.
  • Assisting a parent obtain optimum contact arrangements (for instance, being able to spend more time with a child or in a different way than initially arranged).
  • Advising and representing as to issues of child maintenance payments – setting and adjusting these as well as in some cases structuring the payments by for instance arranging for payments to be earmarked towards a particular objective (eg, a child’s education).
  • Representing the child as a ward of court.
  • Dealing with issues of the child moving to a different jurisdiction or with permission to travel;
  • Helping with paternity issues.
  • Help with rules as to names of children born in Bulgaria and amending names in a child’s documents (see our outline of some of the issues in our publication).
  • We may also be able to assist you with pre- and post-nuptial agreements, advice on how to leave property to your children and others.

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