Since 2000, starting-up has itself been increasingly seen as a technology.

One aspect of this is that early-stage companies tap into external funding by deliberately approaching specialist investors at various important phases of their growth or are occasionally themselves approached by capitalists.

The discussions with investors vary in their timing, the experience of investors and Founders, the sectoral specialism of investors, the technologies and funding sizes involved, the pre-money valuations, and a variety of other factors.

Sometimes the classic textbook-ish scenario is not it and money from friends, family, new business angels, corporate venture or others comes in.

The process repeats itself for each company and each Founder through successive companies or capital rounds. Managing the process requires experience, negotiating nous and technical legal skill.

Bulgarian startups have matured amazingly over the last 10 years as have their Founders – and they now both expect and can rely on high-quality professional advice and representation to ensure this vital aspect of their future success.

We assist technology businesses with funding in a variety of ways:

  • help in preparing the Founders/company for external capital
  • by helping negotiate: term sheets/heads of terms, letters of intent, NDAs in advance of funding
  • once there is a term sheet is in place, helping detail an investor/subscription agreement/shareholders’ agreement and consequent amendments to the company’s articles/charter
  • re-structuring companies to enable them to receive growth money in a favourable jurisdiction and to help the company along a growth trajectory (eg by re-organising as a UK or Delaware company)

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