Nevena has 8 years of experience advising private and corporate clients. She is a pioneer in Bulgarian citizenship and nationality law.

Nevena’s recent clients include a global software group which she advises on compliance and corporate actions, a China- and Hong Kong-based group applying for support under the Investment Promotion legislation in Bulgaria and a variety of technology clients on a range of corporate and commercial issues. In addition, she frequently assists with corporate expansion plans, trade representation of overseas businesses and startup projects.

A very important part of Nevena’s practice relates to immigration and nationality.

In addition to corporate immigration work, Nevena works extensively with HNWIs to advise on their immigration status, personal taxation, relocation of family members and EU family reunification applications. She has worked extensively with clients coming from Russia and other Russian-speaking countries, East and Southeast Asia, the USA and others.

More recently, Nevena has also developed her work in financial regulation and fund law.

Nevena has been a speaker at events in the areas of immigration and nationality law, fund and wealth management and is a member of the Investment Migration Council, which is the worldwide association for investor immigration and citizenship by investment.

Nevena is fluent in Bulgarian and English, and has a working understanding of Russian.

Qualifications: Sofia University

Languages Spoken: Bulgarian, English and Russian

Office Location: Sofia

Member of: Investment Migration Council

  • Venture Capital

    Bulgaria has become increasingly attractive to venture and technology growth investors. NBLO is proud to have been part of this process from the beginning. We hosted Bulgaria’s first large conference on venture capital in 2010. We have since worked with a number of local and international funds. We are also early members of the Bulgarian […]

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  • Private Companies

    Private companies are the backbone of the economy with a variety of activities aimed at millions of clients. We have abundant experience with Bulgaria and foreign clients active across the world in areas as diverse as online services, gaming, cryptocurrencies, and real estate. We at NBLO regularly assist private company incorporation and provide an all-encompassing […]

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  • Corporate and M&A

    Overview We see corporate and commercial work and M&A as the core of our practice. We serve a range of international clients in different sectors of the economy and advise on a broad variety of corporate and commercial work. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge and abundant practical experience of local, as well as international transactions […]

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  • Intellectual Property

    At NBLO, we understand that maintaining ownership over your brand and safeguarding your innovative ideas, products and solutions are key to the value of a business. We have lawyers specialised in intellectual property matters, able to deliver superb advice and counsel. Our team will guide you to effectively licence and protect your technology assets. We […]

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  • Startup visa

    Bulgaria has introduced a startup visa. The provision is not yet in force but is expected to be shortly. Once in force, entrepreneurs keen to make use of it will still need to await the publication of regulations to be developed by a newly-created government agency. This page covers in more detail: What the start-up visa […]

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  • Business Immigration

    We are aware that nowadays doing business is a global adventure and challenge. Bulgaria is a small and open economy, and its labour market benefits from a steady flow of human capital in many directions.  Firms and organisations need integrated, prompt and carefully executed solutions to employment and immigration issues when working across borders. NBLO […]

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  • Citizenship by Investment

    Citizenship by Investment Bulgarian law provides a fast-track route to citizenship by investment. Bulgaria provides an accessible, transparent and respectable gateway into the European society, way of life, and economy through EU citizenship. The requirement is to invest, rather than donate to a government fund. Investor may in principle expect to keep the principal and […]

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  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

    NBLO has advised blockchain entrepreneurs since 2016 and remains well connected in the field. Bulgaria is attractive to early-stage firms which appreciate its talent pool, its vibrant tech community and the countries low business, labour and living costs. The overwhelming majority of Bulgaria’s blockchain and cryptocurrency entrepreneurs operate in Sofia which functions as a “sandbox” […]

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  • How to Open a Bank Account in Bulgaria as a Foreign Business

    In this article, we provide an overview of the criterion that overseas incorporated businesses must generally fulfil in order to open a bank account in Bulgaria. We have restricted our analysis to organisations that are structured as companies or corporations in their home jurisdiction. Although Bulgarian law tends to recognise the legal forms of other […]

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  • Investment in a limited liability company as a way to Bulgarian citizenship

    In 2013 several investment-related routes were introduced in Bulgarian nationality law. These allow an investor to obtain permanent residence and subsequently apply for Bulgarian citizenship in a privileged manner. Тhe investment of approximately EUR 257,000 in a Bulgarian company may be a relatively low-risk way of becoming an EU citizen. Between 2014 and 2019 approx. […]

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  • Investment in UCITS/Mutual Funds as route to Bulgarian Residence and Citizenship

    Bulgaria is back аnd at the forefront of Residence and Citizenship by Investment (R/CBI) programmes with a fast-track route to Schengen permanent residence (PR). Bulgaria, an EU member state since 2007, will join the Schengen Area on March, 31st 2024.  After that date, holders of Bulgarian PR permits will be eligible for visa-free travel to […]

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  • The Bulgarian Variable Capital Company

    The Bulgarian Parliament has adopted long-anticipated changes to the Commerce Act (“CA”), introducing a new type of company – the Bulgarian variable capital company (“VCC”) (this name and abbreviation are also in use for what we understand is a structure with a different purpose in Singapore, intended to be used for funds; this is different […]

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  • Bulgaria’s B2B Gaming Licence

    The regulatory landscape Regulators grant B2B gambling licences to businesses that provide gambling-related business-to-business services or products to other businesses in the gambling industry.  In that vein, in Malta, “critical gaming licences” are granted to “provide or carry out a critical gaming supply from Malta, to a Maltese person or through a Maltese legal entity”.  […]

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  • An Overview of Founder Lock-In Clauses in Bulgaria: Exploring the Provisions and Avoiding Potential Disputes

    The Essentials of Founder Lock-in Clauses Founder lock-in clauses are provisions in shareholder or M&A agreements that restrict the ability of founders to sell or transfer their shares for a specified period after a transaction. While the specific language may vary depending on the circumstances and negotiations, it is useful to examine the terms conventionally […]

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  • Bulgarian Citizenship by Merit: Procedure and Recent Cases

    Here at NBLO, we regularly advise individuals and families to navigate a broad spectrum of Bulgarian immigration processes, including visas, residence and citizenship, to meet their personal circumstances. In this article, we summarise the procedure for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship by merit.  As outlined in Section 16 of the Bulgarian Citizenship Act (“Act”), individuals may obtain […]

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  • Bulgaria: A Leading Hub in Europe’s Fastest Growing Startup Ecosystem

    At NBLO, we are honoured to provide our expertise to founders as they navigate various legal hurdles on the path to success. In addition to offering start-ups the opportunity to use our services free of charge through our Startup Pro Bono Clinic, we regularly seek to inform current and future clients on industry trends as […]

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  • Crypto Wealth Planning and Asset Protection in 2023

    According to a September 2022 survey by HANetf, approximately 75% of major wealth management firms across Europe expect to embrace cryptocurrencies over the next 12 months. With crypto demands hitting all-time highs, practising safe and thorough wealth planning around cryptocurrencies is increasingly essential. As with any asset of considerable value, cryptocurrency investment requires asset management […]

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  • Start-up Visa in Bulgaria – Application Process Overview

    On the 7th of October 2022, the Council of Ministers adopted the Secondary Regulation to the Bulgarian Start-up Visa. This legal framework serves as the final component of the Start-up Visa, which the Government initially introduced in the 2021 Aliens in Bulgaria Act. Designed to attract entrepreneurs seeking to grow high-impact start-ups in Bulgaria, the […]

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  • Post-Brexit: EU law derived rights for family members of settled UK citizens

    Are you a family member of UK citizens holding an EU residence permit in a country in the EU? Do you wish to reside in an EU Member State but are concerned that this would be impossible after the end of the Transition Period (TP)? We outline some of the options you may have now […]

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