Outsourcing, Digital Projects in Bulgaria – NBLO & LCA Studio Legale webinar

21 January 2021

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New Balkans Law Office and LCA Studio Legale would like to thank everybody who joined us during our online seminar on the topic of Outsourcing and Digital Projects in Bulgaria. We hope that the perspective offered by the different speakers helped broaden your understanding of the market opportunities Bulgaria can offer to private and corporate investors looking to expand into Eastern Europe.

As a boutique law firm experienced in offering bespoke solutions to SMEs and large corporations interested in setting up a foothold in Bulgaria, NBLO’s partner Mr Kamen Shoylev highlighted the advantages of using Bulgaria as an outsourcing destination.

The Executive Director of the Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency – Mr Boyko Takov, PhD, described the business background in Bulgaria and summarised high level trends.

Mr Svetoslav Georgiev, Global Operations Leader in C3i Solutions, revealed interesting details of his professional experience, and more specifically, his work with the leading american multinational pharmaceutical corporation – Pfizer Inc.   

Xoomworks’ COO, Mr Steve Jackson, dispelled the misconceptions that Bulgaria is a low-cost and low-quality outsourcing destination. As a UK company whose back-end office is in Bulgaria and Romania, he stressed the importance of a cost-benefit analysis that companies need to make before deciding where to expand. While previously cost was the main factor, currently quality is more important and his opinion was that Bulgaria offers excellent level of quality.

Another one of the speakers, Mr Mattias Bergehed, CEO of ENV Media praised Bulgaria’s highly-skilled workforce. Based on his experience in the technological sector, Bulgaria offers the opportunity to hire professional front- and back-end developers for a fraction of the costs in Northern Europe.  

Mr Julian Milev, former CFO of Telus International, pointed out that because of the pandemic a lot of well-educated young Bulgarians are returning the country, thus reversing the brain drain that was seen in the previous decade and they will make for a wider talent pool for companies waiting to set up base in the Balkan nation.

At the end, Mr Martin Kadinov, a partner in TDBPlay, introduced the participants with the EGaming history and culture in Bulgaria, talked about the possibilities and the future of Digital Projects Development and EGaming and shared his view on the advantages and disadvantages which each investor should consider. 

If you and your business are interested in learning more about Bulgaria and are interested in expanding your business there, you can contact us via our Contact Form or directly at: [email protected]

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