Renewable energy in Bulgaria

29 June 2021

Renewable energy, Corporate Clients

A recent report on Bulgaria’s renewable energy market by E3 Analytics Scaling-up Distributed Solar PV in Bulgariafound that solar PV projects in Bulgaria built for own consumption are intentionally under-dimensioned.  Nearly all energy is then consumed on-site to avoid having to export excess to the grid. 

This is partly because electricity traders price surplus power from such installations below average market. Other factors identified are the administrative burden and tax costs applied uniformly to small and large exporters to the grid, making the option unappealing for many investors.

According to the report, the lack of incentive to scale up and connect solar PV installations to the grid represses the development of the sector in Bulgaria. The untapped potential is compelling since Bulgaria’s solar PV energy generation has the potential to grow the most in proportion to other renewable energy sources such as wind, biofuel or hydro.

However, the report also identifies prosumers—owners of consumer sited solar PV systems who export excess energy to the grid— as a potentially contingent source of growth in grid supply.  

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