New Balkans Law Office Attended the 2023 Belgrade Energy Forum

22 May 2023

NBLO’s partner Nevena Bekyarova and associate Sylvia Vitlarova recently attended the highly anticipated Belgrade Energy Forum, held in the heart of Serbia on 8 and 9 May 2023. The event provided an exceptional platform for industry professionals to discuss and analyse the current challenges and advancements in the field of renewable energy. Nevena and Sylvia actively participated as attendees of the forum, gaining valuable insights from the discussions held throughout the 2-day event.

The panel sessions at the Belgrade Energy Forum proved to be highly enlightening for the legal duo, enabling them to deepen their understanding of the pressing issues hindering the development of renewable energy projects in the Balkans. Particularly, they found significant value in the discussions revolving around grid connection, legislative changes, land usage, and renewable energy consumption targets.

Primarily, grid connection emerged as a critical concern in the region. NBLO’s tam learned about the prolonged process of connecting lands and properties to the grid and the challenges associated with it. Understanding these issues will help the lawyers provide informed advice to clients who aim to embark on renewable energy projects in the Balkans.

The lawyers also gained insights into the legislative changes being introduced in Serbia and Macedonia. One of the key themes that emerged from the discussions highlighted that even though progress is being made, the current legislation still falls short of addressing all the challenges faced by the renewable energy sector.  Thus, lawmakers in the region need to remain vigilant and responsive to ensure timely and effective regulations are being enacted accordingly.

Lastly, NBLO closely observed the ambitions of Serbia and other Balkan countries to significantly increase their total final energy consumption from renewable energy sources over the next decade. Recognising this commitment, they are motivated to contribute their legal expertise in support of a sustainable and greener future for the region.

We are honoured to have had the opportunity to attend the Belgrade Energy Forum and expand our knowledge of renewable energy challenges in the Balkans,” commented NBLO’s partner, Nevena Bekyarova. “The insights gained from the panel discussions will undoubtedly strengthen our ability to assist our clients in navigating the legal landscape and addressing the obstacles in the path towards sustainable energy solutions.

As committed legal professionals at the New Balkans Law Office, we are determined to apply the learnings from the Belgrade Energy Forum to provide cutting-edge legal advice and support to their clients in the renewable energy sector. By staying at the forefront of industry developments, the lawyers aim to contribute to the growth and advancement of renewable energy initiatives in the Balkans.

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