Connecting to the Electrical Grid – Stage 4: Installation of connection equipment and launch

20 July 2023

Renewable energy, Corporate Clients

Once the applicant has entered into a Grid Connection Agreement (GCA) with the District Network Operator (DNO) (also known as the District System Operator (DSO)), the DNO issues the design drafts for the installation of the “connection equipment”. Typically in the Bulgarian market, the installation of this equipment is funded by the DNO at its own expense. 

The DNO has 10 working days to issue the design drafts. If coordination with another DNO is necessary, the 10 days may be extended up to a maximum of 30 days from the submission date.

Commencement of “connection equipment” installation

The construction of the connection equipment commences after the following are met:

  1. Either: (a) transfer of title to land necessary for the installation of the connection equipment to the DNO or (b) grant by the applicant to the DNO of the right to instal the equipment on the applicant’s land;
  2. Grant of easements:  grant by the property owner to the DNO of easements / access rights, enabling access to the property at both the construction and maintenance phases;
  3. Payment of a fee by the applicant for grid connection

(1. and 2.. are needed where grid connection requires the installation of equipment)

Launch and the “connection equipment”

Once installation is complete, the process moves to the energisation stage. This requires the following:

  • Two launch documents, issued by the DNO;
  • A declaration of compliance: the applicant must certify that the electrical installations comply with safety requirements and technical requirements;
  • An effective Transmission and Access Agreement (TAA) – the DNO grants the applicant the right to grid access and electricity transmission;
  • Supply of Electricity Agreement (SEA) entered into between the applicant and the company licensed to supply electricity  – the DNO supplies the electricity generated by the site of the applicant to consumer(s).

Within 7 days of the above being in place, the DNO must energise its facilities.

Navigating the process of connecting to the electrical grid in Bulgaria can be complex, with various legal and technical requirements to fulfil. At New Balkans Law Office, our team of experienced energy law professionals can guide you through the entire process, ensuring compliance with the regulations and facilitating a successful connection to the electrical grid.

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