Connecting to the Electrical Grid – Stage 1: The Connection Request

7 July 2023

Renewable energy, Corporate Clients

Connecting a project to the grid is crucial to the viability of many photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation projects and consequently for their promoters, developers and others who are interested in a PV project’s success. 

In Bulgaria, this process can be complex and involves compliance with various laws and regulations

In this series of articles, we will outline key information on the stages of the process and the documents involved.

Eligibility for Connecting to the Electrical Grid

The following individuals or entities are eligible to connect to the electrical grid in its transmission and distribution parts:

  1. Title holders over land (or other appropriate property) owners, users, or lessees: Individuals or entities who hold ownership rights, use the land, or have a valid lease agreement over the land.
  2. Other right holders in relation to land: a right holder could be a person who has been granted the right to build on another’s property by a title owner in that property or by the operation of law.

The Start of the Connection Procedure

The very first stage of the multi-stage connection process in Bulgaria involves commissioning a pre-assessment survey of the conditions for connecting the applicant’s project to the electricity grid. To initiate this, the applicant must file a connection request to the relevant district network operator (DNO) on whose territory the applicant’s site is located. For these purposes, Bulgaria’s national territory is subdivided into three areas, one for each of three DNOs. The request must use a standard form provided by the DNO.

Documents Required for the Connection Request

The connection request must be accompanied by the following set of the documents: 

  1. Full planning permission (FPP) or an effective detailed development plan (DDP) – only in cases involving new construction, redevelopment of an existing facility and/or temporary electricity supply to a construction site – these scenarios cover the vast majority of cases and so such documents are therefore required.
  2. A document showing freehold title or a notary-certified lease over the relevant land (where appropriate);
  3. A permission to instal a mobile facility in cases of temporary supply to mobile facilities;
  4. A notary-certified consent of the land lessor in case of a lease.

Incomplete Documents

Where it regards the documents received as incomplete, the DNO will notify the applicant in writing within 5 days of receipt. The applicant then has 30 days to rectify any deficiencies.

Termination of the Procedure

Failure to address the DNO’s response within the 30-days results in termination of the process.


For part two on the Process of Connecting to the Electrical Grid in Bulgaria, you can see our article: Connecting to the electrical grid – Stage 2: Formal Statement and preliminary connection agreement

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