The newest addition to NBLO, Sylvia joined our team in 2020 and she specializes in Intellectual Property Law, Corporate and Commercial Law and Tax Law.

After having studied Law at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, Sylvia pursued her passion for European and International Law and graduated with a Master’s degree in European Law from Maastricht University with an excellent academic record. During her studies, she acquired in-depth knowledge in Intellectual Property Law, Corporate and Commercial Law and Competition Law. She has international experience thanks to living in three different European countries and speaks German and English language fluently.

Qualifications: Maastricht University, University of Heidelberg

Languages Spoken: Bulgarian, German and English

Office Location: Sofia

  • Corporate and M&A

    Overview We see corporate and commercial work and M&A as the core of our practice. We serve a range of international clients in different sectors of the economy and advise on a broad variety of corporate and commercial work. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge and abundant practical experience of local, as well as international transactions […]

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  • German-speaking Desk (Deutschsprachige Abteilung)
  • Intellectual Property

    At NBLO, we understand that maintaining ownership over your brand and safeguarding your innovative ideas, products and solutions are key to the value of a business. We have lawyers specialised in intellectual property matters, able to deliver superb advice and counsel. Our team will guide you to effectively licence and protect your technology assets. We […]

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  • Private Companies

    Private companies are the backbone of the economy with a variety of activities aimed at millions of clients. We have abundant experience with Bulgaria and foreign clients active across the world in areas as diverse as online services, gaming, cryptocurrencies, and real estate. We at NBLO regularly assist private company incorporation and provide an all-encompassing […]

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  • Citizenship and Immigration

    We advise individuals and families planning for their future and their legacy.  We understand that immigration can be complex, often stressful and traumatic. With our professional advice and sensitive approach we will guide you through all your options and will help you to achieve the best possible outcome. We aim to accomplish this in the […]

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  • Business Immigration

    We are aware that nowadays doing business is a global adventure and challenge. Bulgaria is a small and open economy, and its labour market benefits from a steady flow of human capital in many directions.  Firms and organisations need integrated, prompt and carefully executed solutions to employment and immigration issues when working across borders. NBLO […]

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  • Opening a bank account in Bulgaria in the name of foreign business or organisation

    Foreign-Incorporated Business Bank Account Application In this note, we provide an overview of the requirements an overseas-incorporated business must generally meet to open a bank account in Bulgaria. We restrict our analysis to those organisations or businesses which are structured as companies or corporations in their home jurisdiction. Bulgarian law recognises legal forms originating in […]

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  • Post-Brexit: EU law derived rights for family members of settled UK citizens

    Are you a family member of UK citizens holding an EU residence permit in a country in the EU? Do you wish to reside in an EU Member State but are concerned that this would be impossible after the end of the Transition Period (TP)? We outline some of the options you may have now […]

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    INFLUENCERS AND ADVERTISING is the first in our upcoming series on influencers and the law. Future articles will cover topics such as influencer liability and intellectual property matters. Influencer advertising takes a significant share of advertising spend, especially in sectors such as beauty, luxury and others, but also of general fast-moving consumer goods. The child […]

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  • Lawyers’ insights into the NFT market

    Interest in NFT digital assets market In March 2021, the market for non-fungible token (NFT) digital assets has been examined with increasing interest prompted by the record-breaking US$ 69 million NFT sale by the artist Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple. This followed the sale by Top Shot of a collection of NBA videos for US$ […]

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  • Food cooked at home and sold via social media in Bulgaria – what you need to know

    “I am passionate about Indian cuisine and want to start a small venture offering home cooked food for delivery via Instagram. What should I do to make sure my venture is in line with Bulgarian law?” Register! Under Bulgarian law, even a small venture of this type is subject to regulation if it can be seen […]

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  • Bulgarians get more access to live and work in Switzerland

    EU citizens do not require visas or permits to live and work in Switzerland. The 1999 Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons (AFMP) between the EU and Switzerland secures the free movement of “economically active persons” such as employed and self-employed persons and of “economically inactive persons” such as students, investors, retirees etc. After […]

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