New Balkans Law Office Joins Debitura’s Global Debt Collection Network

10 May 2024


Given our robust track record in international debt collection, we are proud to disclose that we joined the leading global debt collection platform, Debitura. This strategic collaboration is set to bolster our firm’s capacity to deliver efficient and effective debt recovery services on an international scale.

Enhanced Debt Collection Capabilities

Founded in 2006, New Balkans Law Office has earned a distinguished reputation for its expertise in handling cross-border legal matters. NBLO operates proficiently within both civil and common law jurisdictions, offering tailored legal solutions that cater to the specific needs of its clients. With offices in Sofia, Bulgaria, and London, UK, the firm’s multilingual team is well-equipped to manage complex international debt collection disputes.

Debitura’s Global Reach

Debitura is renowned for its effective and affordable global debt recovery services. Debitura’s tailored approach to debt collection has earned it a high satisfaction rate among its clients. The platform boasts an impressive 87% average debt recovery rate and has successfully recovered over $100 million for clients in the past 18 months. By integrating with Debitura’s platform, New Balkans Law Office will leverage its expertise to enhance its service offerings. 

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