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8 February 2021

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NBLO has just released an ad on Economist Radio, in which we refer to the famous quip attributed to Boris Johnson – when it came to Brexit, the UK could both have its cake and eat it. Citizenship by Investment in Bulgaria is very much like that.

Bulgaria, uniquely in the European Union, allows investors to obtain second citizenship. In addition, applicants can recover the majority of the invested funds after the required holding period. Therefore approximately 4 years from initial investment.

While Malta, Cyprus and Portugal require a donation or an investment that fluctuates. Bulgaria uniquely combines becoming a citizen of the EU with making a recoverable investment.

The investment is of € 1 mln or more in Bulgarian government bonds issued and traded on international exchanges.

The investment can be made through the applicant’s existing banking or brokerage relationship, and can be recovered after a 2-year holding from the date of naturalisation.

We have dealt elsewhere with how this assists the Bulgarian economy and society.

Programmes for investment citizenship are generally under permanent populist political threat and the EU is no different. The current favourable terms in Bulgaria may not last.

New Balkans Law Office is a law firm with a wealth of experience in nationality law and private clients matters. We have advised tens of citizen investor applicants in the last 6 years. We deal with applications for citizenship both involving investment and not.

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