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These Terms of Use («Terms«), as amended by us from time to time, set out the basis on which you may use this website and provide important information about the way we provide our services. Your continuing use and access of this website constitute agreement to these terms as published from time to time.

This website is provided by the New Balkans Law Office («NBLO«). New Balkans Law Office is a trading name of Legal Services EOOD, a company, registered at the Bulgarian Company Registry and Registry of Non-Profit Organizations under company number 202331677.

These Terms set out the terms and conditions on which we provide the text, software, database, format, documents, graphic and written work and all other materials published on this website and the basis on which we allow access to it. Please read them carefully.

This website is for your own private use. By accessing this website, you agree:

  • not to use this website or its content in contravention of any regulation or legislation;
  • not to copy, amend, reproduce or distribute the content, or disclose the content to third parties;
  • not to advertise or sell any goods or services to other users of this website or to benefit commercially from its content; and
  • that you are responsible for any material you send to or upload to this website and that such material is legal, is not offensive and it does not infringe our rights, those of third parties or the provisions of the Terms.


NBLO is committed to ensuring that the pages within this website are accessible to all individuals including those with disabilities.


The following definitions are used in this website:

  • “Content” means any text, software, database, format, graphic and written work and all other materials:
    • developed by, or on behalf of, us which form part of this website; and/or
    • provided on or through this website with the permission of the third party owners.
  • “Intellectual Property Rights” mean:
    • copyright, patents, database rights and rights in trade marks, designs, know-how and confidential information (whether registered or not);
    • applications for registration and the right to apply for registration for any of these rights; and
    • all other intellectual property rights and equivalent or similar forms of protection existing anywhere in the world.
  • “We” or “Us” or “Our” mean NBLO and “You” or “Your” mean you as a user of this website.

Intellectual Property Rights

We, our suppliers, or third parties who have granted us permission to reproduce their material on this website, own all trade marks, copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the content on this website.


Copyright in some documents and material available on this website belongs to third parties and has been produced on this website with the permission of the third party copyright owners.

With the exception of copyright belonging to third parties and unless otherwise stated, copyright in the pages of this website and all other material available through it belongs to NBLO and/or its affiliated undertakings.

You may print or save copies of the content of this website for your own personal use and you may provide copies to others for information purposes, on the basis that:

  • you do so on an occasional basis and free of charge;
  • the copies are not tampered with in any way; and
  • the recipient is made aware of the Terms.

Any other reproduction, transmission and storing of all or part of this website and the materials available through it, in any medium, without the written permission of NBLO, is prohibited.

We only permit electronic links to pages of this website from which the Terms can be accessed. You may not provide an electronic link to any other page of this website or to any other documents hosted on this website without our consent. We reserve the right to request that you remove an electronic link to this website at any time and you agree to remove such a link immediately.

Where access to restricted parts of this web site is subject to more specific terms, those terms apply instead.

Financial services

The provision of our legal services may relate to investments (including insurance contracts).

We can also undertake certain activities in relation to other investments which are limited in scope and incidental to our legal services or which may reasonably be regarded as a necessary part of our legal services.

The basis for carrying out these services is as follows:

  • We will act as legal advisers — It is not part of our function to advise on the merits of investment transactions, to act as a broker or arranger of transactions, or to communicate invitations or inducements to engage in investment activity.
  • Nothing we say or do should be construed as advice on the investment merits of acquiring or disposing of particular investments nor an invitation, recommendation or inducement to engage in investment activity, including contracts of insurance.
  • We assume that any decision by you to discuss or negotiate any transaction on which we act, and any decision actually to enter into any transaction, has been or will be made by you on the basis of your own assessment of the business, financial and policy aspects of the particular transaction.

In the course of any transaction on which we act and in order to complete it, it is expected that we will communicate with you, your other advisers and the other parties to the transaction (and their advisers) in a number of ways, including, by telephone, email, fax, letter and in meetings. Amongst other things, we would expect to circulate various documents for your review and to arrange and participate in meetings and telephone calls to discuss, negotiate, agree and sign the relevant documents. We will treat your participation in such meetings, telephone calls or other forms of communication with us as a request to receive such communications.

Tax compliance

This policy applies to NBLO and sets out our approach to managing our tax affairs. NBLO and its employees comply with applicable laws and regulations within a culture of integrity and honesty.

We are committed to compliance with all statutory tax obligations and disclosure requirements. This means making the appropriate tax filings and payments accurately and on a timely basis. It involves transparent disclosure of all relevant facts to tax authorities. This includes taking steps to avoid double taxation of the same income in two jurisdictions, and claiming applicable allowances and reliefs.

Anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws

Under anti-money laundering laws, we may need formal evidence of your identity before we can act and may also conduct checks using external electronic databases for this purpose. We must also report suspicions of money laundering activity to our Money Laundering Reporting Officer or to the relevant external authorities, or both. We may have to stop work on a matter and may not be allowed to tell you if we make such a report. We will not be liable to you for the consequences of any such report made in good faith.

We have in place robust anti-fraud and anti-corruption policies and procedures and we have zero tolerance of bribery or corruption by, or on behalf of, any part of the firm around the world.

We require all partners and members of staff, at all times, to act honestly and with integrity, and to safeguard the resources for which they are responsible. Fraud or corruption by partners or members of staff could violate applicable laws, present a threat to NBLO and will not be tolerated in any circumstances.

For more detailed information about our anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies and procedures, please contact us.

Data Protection

For information about how we process data we receive through users of this website, please see our Privacy Policy.


For information about how we process data we receive through cookies, please see our Cookies Policy.


Please note the following terms applicable to the use of the Careers section of this website. These terms also apply to applications you may make to us following advertising not placed on this website. In addition, please consult the section of our Privacy Policy, relating to the use of recruitment-related information.

In acknowledging an application NBLO is not verifying the content, accepting the application or making any offer of employment or engagement. NBLO is not obliged to accept any applications. NBLO is an equal opportunity employer (in accordance with applicable legislation) and does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, ethnic origin, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other basis covered by local legislation. All employment related decisions are made entirely on merit.

Our right to retain documents

In some jurisdictions there are circumstances in which we will have the right to keep documents that belong to you even if you ask us to return or destroy them. In particular, this may occur if you have not paid all of our invoices.

Limitations and Exclusions of our Liability

Our website and its content are provided for general information purposes only and nothing on this website or in its contents is intended to provide legal or other professional advice. We do not accept any responsibility for any loss which may arise from reliance on information or materials published on this website. If you wish to find out more about the information in the materials published, please contact us by email.

We are not responsible or liable for any matter relating to you or any third parties accessing or using this website and its contents.

We do not endorse nor are we responsible for the contents of websites operated by others that link to this website or that are accessible from it.

Nothing in these Terms excludes or limits our liability for fraud or for death or personal injury arising from our negligence or for any other matter in respect of which it would be unlawful or in breach of regulation to limit or exclude liability.


NBLO is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients. If you are a client and you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service provided to you we would ask that in the first instance you contact the Partners of NBLO who will be happy to discuss the matter with you. If you are still dissatisfied, then you may proceed by filing your complaint with the relevant supervisory authority.


We reserve the right to vary or amend the Terms from time to time. We will notify you of any such amendment by posting the relevant amendment to this website. Any changes shall take effect upon posting to this website.
Exercise and waive of rights

Our rights under these Terms and other sections of the Terms:

  • may be exercised as often as necessary;
  • are cumulative and not exclusive of rights or remedies provided by law; and
  • may be waived only in writing and specifically.

Delay in the exercise or non-exercise of any right is not a waiver of that right.

If a provision of these Terms is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that does not affect:

  • the legality, validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of these Terms; or
  • the legality, validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of these Terms.

Nothing in the Terms is to be taken to constitute a partnership between you and us, nor constitute either of you or us the agent of the other for any purpose.

A failure by you or us to enforce a provision of the Terms or a breach of a provision by the other or default by the other in performing a provision does not constitute a waiver and does not prevent you or us from subsequently enforcing that provision or from acting on such breach or a subsequent breach of the provision by the other party or default by the other party in performing that provision.

Our rights under the Terms may be waived only in writing and specifically.

Governing Law

The Terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and we and you each submit irrevocably to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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