The EU citizenship option

At times when you have cause for concern over your and/or your family’s future, having a second citizenship can alleviate the pressure on you and your loved ones and create new options. Stabler parts of the world such as the European Union (EU) are associated in the early 21st century with freedom and security.

The European Union is a collection of 28 states of various sizes, bound by a body of laws which have been taking shape now for more than 60 years.  Being a citizen of one makes you automatically a European citizen and gives you equal rights to being a citizen of any.

The EU is the world’s biggest trading bloc (it accounts for just over 30% of global trade), the birthplace of the rule of law and a place with diverse culture and a pleasant lifestyle.

An investment of HK$ 4.5M in Bulgarian sovereign bonds allows investors to obtain permanent residence in Bulgaria. A second investment of the same amount after 1 year makes a permanent resident immediately eligible to become a European citizen and live anywhere in the EU 28, EEA and Switzerland.

An investment in such bonds is generally considered low-risk especially compared to stocks/shares and real estate projects in smaller markets. Government bonds are liquid and traded on international exchanges. Bulgaria has an investment grade credit rating and a debt-to-GDP ratio of 19.6%, one of the lowest in Europe. We provide this by way of information but you may wish to seek advice and to carefully consider your financial position, experience and affordability.

Bulgarian law allows for the spouse of the investor and his/her children (regardless of age) to also obtain Bulgarian citizenship.

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