Expat Assistance

Expatriate employees in Bulgaria and those planning to hire them can rely on our assistance with the following:

Advice prior to arrival

  • Work permit requirements and immigration (for non-EEA, non-Swiss nationals);
  • Arranging residence documents (for EEA and Swiss nationals);
  • Setting up a Trade Representative Office;
  • Planning for issues connected with healthcare, education, child care and buying, owning and renting property.

After arrival

  • Renting and owning property, establishing and terminating leases over office space and residential properties;
  • Renewing work permits and residence documents;
  • Arranging for family permits for non-EU national family members;
  • Establishing and applying for permanent residence for EU and non-EU national expats and family members;
  • Taxation of employment income and benefits in kind (including vehicles, bonuses, apartments, and COLAs) including double-taxation agreements;
  • Employment share incentive schemes;
  • Issues connected with receiving healthcare, insurance claims and education both within Bulgaria and cross-border within the EU.

How may we help you?

We’re here to help you resolve your Bulgarian legal matters in a timely and cost effective manner. For more details about our Bulgarian Legal services, please contact:

Nevena Bekyarova

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