The 28th Annual IBA Global Insolvency and Restructuring Conference

30 May 2023

The International Bar Association’s highly anticipated 28th Annual IBA Global Insolvency and Restructuring Conference took place in Madrid from May 21st to May 23rd, 2023. We were privileged to have our esteemed Senior Associate, Petro Tyufekchiev, in attendance, representing our firm.


Exploring the Dynamics of Restructuring vs. Insolvency

This year’s conference offered an exceptional platform for professionals from across the globe to delve into the latest developments in their respective jurisdictions, with a particular focus on the evolving landscape from traditional insolvency to proactive restructuring. Distinguished speakers shared valuable insights on jurisdiction-specific trends of insolvency and restructuring.


The conference covered highly pertinent topics within the insolvency and restructuring industry, including discussions around the diverse restructuring regimes and mechanisms, the efficacy of out-of-court restructuring agreements, inter-creditor agreements and their enforceability, the release of third parties in insolvency and restructuring proceedings, and the intricacies and challenges associated with transferring distressed assets.


Our Expertise in Cases of Domestic and International Insolvency

As our advisory services extend to a wide range of corporate and commercial work, we specialise in various practice areas within the insolvency, debt collection, and restructuring sector.


Our lawyers have abundant experience in corporate restructuring and reorganisation, allowing us to support clients with full-scope advice around matters, including:


  • Preparing a comparative overview of the possible options for corporate restructuring and their potential implications on the affected businesses, including preserving licences and authorizations, impact on contractual relations with third parties, transferring personnel and major tax implications;
  • Preparing an action plan and time estimates for the reorganisation, allowing accurate internal estimations by the management;
  • Providing practical assistance in implementing the chosen scenario for reorganisation, including drafting of the relevant corporate documents and commercial agreements, obtaining the required government approvals, performing the necessary registrations, and
  • Ensuring successful completion of the restructuring process and setting up the legal parameters for the operation of the new forms of the establishment.


At NBLO, we take immense pride in our regular representation of corporate and private clients in domestic and international insolvency, restructuring, and debt collection matters. 


We remain committed to delivering exceptional legal guidance and representation to our valued clients. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you require expert assistance or wish to explore potential collaboration.


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